Peer Coaches are available during the Fall and Spring semesters only.  During summer sessions and semester breaks, please contact the Center for Mental Health Care and Resources directly for an assessment, by calling 404-894-2575. Please do not complete a Peer Coaching Screening Form during summer sessions or semester breaks as these forms may not be reviewed in a timely fashion and an assignment to a Peer Coach cannot be accommodated.  

If you are experiencing an urgent situation, you should contact appropriate campus resources, such as the Center 404-894-2575 during regular office hours or GTPD 404-894-2500 after hours. Call 911 if you are experiencing a mental health emergency.  


Is Peer Coaching for You?  

If you feel that talking with a peer would be helpful for you, complete the Peer Coaching Screening form online or come to the Center for Mental Health Care & Resources to complete the form. Your completed form will be reviewed by a member of our staff. If you complete the online version of the form, please allow 2 business days for your form to be reviewed.  

  • As newly completed online forms are not checked consistently, the online form should not be completed if you are in need of immediate assistance.  
  • In some cases, after reviewing your form, we might ask to follow-up with you to clarify some of your responses and/or to help ensure that peer coaching is the best fit for what you want to accomplish. Students whose needs are determined to be better met by another resource will be provided with appropriate referrals.


Matching with a Peer Coach

Once peer coaching is deemed appropriate to meet your expressed needs, you will be matched with a Peer Coach by the program supervisor. A number of factors will be considered when matching you with a coach, including schedule compatibility, Peer Coaches’ experience and comfort level regarding your desired goals and any expressed preferences you may have. Once matched, the Peer Coaching Supervisor will provide the assigned Peer Coach with your contact information so that your coach can contact you and schedule the first coaching appointment.  


Meeting with your Coach

You and your Peer Coach will work together to decide where and how you would like to meet. One of the unique aspects of working with a Peer Coach is the flexibility to meet at any appropriate location and at any time that is convenient for both you and your Coach. All initial meetings will be in-person and take place in previously agreed upon public locations where an adequate level of privacy can be maintained. Any subsequent meetings will also be discussed and agreed upon between you and your Coach and could include changing to different locations or, in some cases, even involve "meeting" virtually, if this is appropriate and convenient for both parties. All coaching activities should be planned in advance.