In addition to our main office in Smithgall Student Services, CMHCR also has counselors located at 6 satellite locations around campus. Having satellite locations provides students with access to counselors in academic spaces where they spend most of their time. This can improve help seeking by destigmatizing mental health to better serve those who would hesitate to go to the main Center for Mental Health Care and Resources (CMHCR) and support reaching students who might not have otherwise sought services. 

Additionally, faculty and staff have convenient access to counselors for consultation about a student of concern. 

Satellite counselors’ schedules include a variety of functions: brief consultations with students, faculty, and staff, psychoeducational workshops, outreach, individual and group counseling.  


Satellite Consultation

Satellite counselors offer 15 min appointments (in-person or virtual) during which students can discuss a brief specific, non-emergency concern, and/or learn about mental health resources on campus. This is not appropriate for students seeking crisis services or those who are already connected with CMHCR or STAMPS Psychiatric services.

Email one of the counselors below to schedule a Satellite Consultation.

Accessing Services

Students wanting to connect with campus mental health services as clients and/or those in need of immediate crisis services should go through the CMHCR 404-894-2575 in order to schedule an initial assessment and be connected.