Collage of photos of GT students with the messages “Supporting Student Mental Health” and “Empowering Student Self-Care & Advocacy.

Get Help Now

Students experiencing a crisis that requires immediate attention may speak with a counselor at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During regular business hours, students who are not actively in counseling may call 404.894.2575 or walk-in to our office located on the first floor, Suite 238 Smithgall Student Services Building, 353 Ferst DR NW Atlanta GA 30313. After business hours, please call 404.894.2575 and select the option to speak to the after-hours counselor.

Students who are experiencing an immediate life-threatening emergency on campus, call the Georgia Tech Campus Police at 404.894.2500. If off campus, please immediately call 911.

Schedule an Appointment

The intake process is designed to be simple and easy for you to connect with the right resources on and off campus. Please call 404.894.2575 to set up an appointment. You will need our assessment to process the Counseling Center and Stamps Psychiatry Clinic services.


Services include testing and assessment, referral to support services, short-term individual counseling, group counseling, couples counseling, crisis intervention, as well as mental health workshops, and consultation for faculty and staff, family and friends of Tech students.


Our Center recognizes that there are many healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety. On this page you will find resources to get you started on your own, or as an adjunct to the work you may already be doing with your therapist.

ways that you can support your mental health (graphic image): Eating well Getting Enough Sleep Activity and Exercise Managing Stress Helping Others Asking for Help Spend Time with Friends Avoid Alcohol and other Drugs

End Suicide Initiative

The Initiative uses a community healthcare approach that considers each member of the Georgia Tech community as a caregiver. The key components are lead, train, identify, engage, treat, transition, and improve.

Community Resources

The Center for Mental Health Care and Resources supports all campus constituencies through the provision of numerous self-help resources which we list on this page.

Satellite Counselors

Satellite locations improve accessibility for students by providing counseling in places where they spend most of their time. Additionally, faculty and staff will have convenient access to counselors for consultation about a student of concern.

Reminders (graphic image): Explore all the programs and resources. Allow yourself to feel and share with others. Trust yourself and the journey you’re on. Be mindful of your emotions. Reach out – difficult days can get better with support. Make time for yourself and take breaks. It is ok to ask for help!

Outreach Presentations

Want to talk about student mental health with your group or department? We can do that for you and our experts will come to you! Our Outreach Presentations are provided to the campus community, and consist of multiple offerings that are available by request if you are a faculty, staff, or student group leader. 

Connect with Peer Support

Togetherall is a safe, online community to share feelings anonymously and get support to improve mental health and wellbeing.  In the community people support each other, safely monitored by licensed and registered mental health practitioners.


Students can access 24/7/365 assistance by calling 404.894.2575 to get after hours urgent help from a counselor.  For additional individualized services students can make an appointment with at 404.894.2575.

The information contained throughout these pages is not intended to substitute for actual counseling or other psychological services. To connect with a counselor, please refer to the other pages on this site for more information about our services. Self-help resources and external links may provide useful information about topics relevant to counseling and mental health, their listing here, however, does not indicate endorsement by the Center for Mental Health Care & Resources.