Counselors’ schedules include a variety of functions such as brief walk-in consultations to students, walk-in consultations for faculty and staff regarding a student, psychoeducational workshops and outreach, individual counseling, and group counseling. Students who are wishing to formally access mental health services as clients will need to go through the Center for Mental Health Care and Resources.

We are also offering telebehavioral health counseling sessions to students who are currently enrolled and living in Georgia. Students interested in these services should call Center for Mental Health Care & Resources at 404-894-2575 in order to schedule an initial assessment and to be connected to services. Current clients can continue to reach their counselor via email.

Virtual Consultation

In addition to telebehavioral health counseling sessions with students, satellite counselors will offer "virtual consultation" hours where students can consult briefly with a counselor about a specific, non-emergency concern or can learn more about mental health resources on campus. 

Email one of the counselors below to schedule a virtual consultation.

Accessing Services

Walk-in consultation hours for students (approximately 5-6 hours/week) will be posted and typically last approximately 15 minutes. The consultation can be used to learn more about counseling services or briefly address a concern. If after the consultation ongoing counseling services are deemed appropriate, the student will be referred to the Center for Mental Health Care and Resources for an initial assessment.

After the assessment, services which could be recommended may include psycho-educational workshops, group counseling, off-campus referrals, or brief individual counseling. If on-campus brief counseling is recommended, the student will be assigned to the next available counselor (and not necessarily the Satellite counselor, although the student can make the request).