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The intake process is designed to be simple and easy for you to connect with the right resources on and off campus. Please call CARE at (404) 894-3498 to set up an appointment. You will need our assessment to process the Counseling Center and Stamps Psychiatry Clinic services.

Follow-up Appointments

In some cases, the CARE assessment is sufficient in helping students address their concerns. If the assessor determines that counseling is appropriate, they will recommend the most effective method of treatment. These might include Life Skills workshopsself-help resources, individual, group, or couple's counseling, and/or referral to Stamps Health Services Psychiatry Clinic.

When a student’s presenting issues require on-going longer-term care or specialized treatment not provided on campus, our Center utilizes the Referral Service, a database which is used to provide a connection to an off-campus community provider coordinated by a CARE assessor/case manager.


If you are already an established client of the Counseling Center and have been seen within the last six months, you may call  (404) 894-2575 to request an appointment.

If you were seen in the Counseling Center more than six months ago, please have an updated assessment done through CARE.

From mid-semester through the end of the semester there may be a wait for a first appointment due to the volume of students seeking services. We recommend planning ahead by going to CARE for an assessment before your situation becomes an emergency.